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It seems like these days everyone has a sex tape out like it’s some sort of fashion statement.  Every other week some celebrity has a homemade video leaked to the internet so the girls at this sorority come up with the great idea of making their own dirty video.  But like many things at college there is a competition between the sorority girls about who can make the best and hottest  movie.

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Check these girls out! they may not be drunk in this video but they are certainly college sluts at their best.  Haze her is all about girl on girl humiliation in the time honoured college hazing tradition and features one group of sorority girls degrading the new rush pledges during their sorority initiation.  Lots of lesbian action in these hazing videos and the girls are taken full advantage of.

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Wow, this event was truly amazing and we had the hall packed out for what was sure to be a hot party.  The ladies were in fine form and randy from the get go and after a few drinks they just got louder, hornier and more demanding with one checking out the waiter before getting her own private dance from him on front of all her cheering girlfriends.

Things quickly got way out of hand after that with some cfnm strippers showing up and sending the girls wild with excitement.  Soon it was dicks out as this group of uncontrollable horny birds refused to take no for an answer.  One of the girls was even caught on film riding the strippers dick in the middle of the room.  Definitely a blowjob party night to remember.



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Get a few alcoholic drinks into some girls and you can pretty much get e to do anything! And once one starts to misbehave all the other girls in the group seem to follow, after all their friend is naked so it must be ok for them to get naked also! Girls today dont mind showing a bit of skin and after a few drinks they let the dirty side of them come out and act like total drunk sluts desperate for a bit of attention. Well these ladies sure got my attention getting completely nude and showing of all their goodies for the camera. The girl in the front was funny not wanting to take off her clothes but then as the pic was taken she lowered her pants and bent over showing off her big round ass!!

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Its another day on the job for the dancing bear and tonight is ladies night down at the club which has been booked out to celebrate yet another bachelorette party where the theme is cowboys and cowgirls. When the male strippers turn up in their cowboy outfits the girls are already quite drunk and more than a little loud in full party mode and it doesnt take long before they surround the guys tearing at their clothes desperate to see whats underneath.

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Its a wild bachelorette party for Kendra and the girls have all chipped in and hired some male strippers to celebrate the occasion and they are determined to get their monies worth and party to the fullest. This one is huge with a massive group of drunk women all cheering each other on to have a go with our boys and suck on some random male strippers penis!

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Surrounded by a crazy pack of drunk college sluts this black stripper takes a swig of beer thru a funnel while he has a cute brunette sucking on his cock. And just think that this lucky bastard is getting paid to do this!! Some guys just have all the luck. it was like a competition amongst the girls who would go the furthest and one girl was determined to outdo all the others even had one of our guys cum on a cake which she then ate as her desert. You can see by the shocked look on some of her sisters faces that they definitely were not expecting that.. Fucking awesome!!

Its a sorority birthday bash for for the girls on campus and they are celebrating hard and have hired the dancing bear and his troop of male strippers to liven up the party. These girls go off and were already nicely drunk and well horny by the time the strip show started and were very hands on right from the beginning, groping and feeling the guys bodies and dicks and taking turns in giving all the boys blowjobs. Things ended up quite messy with cum and cream all over the place and the girls certainly got their monies worth! Ahh the crazy college girls of today, ya gotta love em, especially when they have their pretty mouths wrapped around your hard cock.

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This happy snap was taken by a group of guys enjoying the festivities during their spring break and their cries of "show us yer tits" to all the drunk party girls actually yielded some great results and they were generous enough to send us all their sexy videos and pics of all the hot drunk sluts they caught on film flashing their juicy boobs! Awesome stuff :) This brunette sure aint shy and was more than happy to show off for the guys. Hell if you got it then why not flaunt it I reckon and lucky for all us pervs there’s plenty of babes who think the same. These guys even managed to get some intoxicated babes to fully strip nude and show their sweet pussies, after all the girls wouldn’t dream for a second that their drunken flashing is going to somehow end up on the internet for all the world to see! hahahaha guess again girls ;)

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Oh my goodness, how’s this for a top view!! 6 drunk girls in short skirts bending over and showing off their hot asses and panties, I wonder which one i would choose. The drunker they get the more the inner slut in them comes out so there’s a fair chance they’d all be willing to put out and they all look like they could use some cock and wouldn’t be the type to say no. Its a great thing how far girls of today have come that they are free to do as they please and behave like total sluts flashing all their lovely goodies for the camera is no big deal now. I really love the look of a girl in knee high white socks, i just wish i was there to party with these frisky babes. :)